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Artesia, NM

What’s faster; the soaring population numbers or the summer temperature in Artesia?

Artesia is a dynamic town and Dr. Bray is happy to serve the residents here!

Find top-class healthcare services and customized treatment options for long-lasting relief from allergies, asthma attacks, sleep disorders and lung infections at Dr. Bray’s clinic!

Why Choose Dr. John D. Bray MD?

At Dr. Bray’s clinic there’s no compromise on your health. We offer modern and reliable treatment options to help you overcome your respiratory, allergy and sleep issues.

Dr. Bray holds certification from the American Board of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Sleep Disorders.

What Services Does Dr. John D. Bray MD Offer?


Around 8 percent of American children are diagnosed with asthma. Those who seek treatment in their younger years are better able to ward off its effects later on in life. However, many patients have to live with asthma well into their adult years.

Dr. Bray performs a thorough physiological examination to find the root cause of your asthma condition. His aim is not to mask your symptoms but to help you find relief for the rest of your life! From breathing exercises to prescription medications, Dr. Bray has an arsenal to help you defeat asthma!


Ever wondered where that sinus headache came from? Allergies have a weird way of manifesting themselves but Dr. Bray doesn’t want to leave anything to chance. Whether you’ve got a persistent cough, congested chest or stuffy nose—visit our clinic and find a durable solution to your problem!

Pulmonary Conditions

Recurrent pneumonia and fungal lung infections are rare conditions but when they occur, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re encountering persistent fever and excess mucus production, immediately get in touch with Dr. Bray!

Sleep disorders

Can’t sleep? You might not be able to immediately detect resistance in your nasal airways or feel cognizant of an underlying psychological condition but Dr. Bray has the tools to help you find your way out of it!

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