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Seminole, TX

Allergies wait for no one. Whether it’s the dry summer or the extremely cold winters, Seminole residents are often at risk of contracting a seasonal illness. And of course, there’s no shortage of patients who are living with long-term respiratory problems or sleep disorders.

Why Choose Dr. John D. Bray?

Dr. Bray brings over 30 years of specialist experience with him as he continues his practice in the West Texas and Southeastern Mexico region. His area of expertise spans the treatment of various allergies, asthma attacks and sleep disturbances.

Dr. Bray is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Sleep Disorders He is also a diplomate of the American Board of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology.

His uniquely interdisciplinary training allows him to view your health condition through a holistic lens. Dr. Bray leads a talented team of medical professionals who help you overcome the root cause of your illness so you can enjoy long-lasting relief!

What Does Dr. John D. Bray Offer?

Treatment for Allergy

Dr. Bray’s allergy office is geared to treat a plethora of conditions, whether they are seasonal or perennial in nature. A runny nose, sinus infection or an eczema episode are regularly treated at Dr. Bray’s office.

Asthma Relief

Minute air particles that seep into your airways can trigger some violent asthma attacks and there’s usually very little you can do without professional help.

Dr. Bray provides a comprehensive treatment plan for asthma patients who may be looking for prolonged relief. You can expect a physical exam and a pulmonary function test during your treatment visit. Following the test results, Dr. Bray and his team decide on a tailored treatment plan that works for you.

Pulmonary Condition Treatment

A respiratory tract infection is often accompanied by high fever and increased white blood cell activity. A recurrent case of pneumonia is often a sign of a more serious, underlying illness. You can count on Dr. Bray to provide you with a reliable diagnosis and treatment.

Sleep Disorder Treatment

From sleep apnea to insomnia, Dr. Bray is able to care for all your complex sleep problems. At his state-of-the-art sleep monitoring lab, Dr. Bray’s team has been working on finding convenient solutions to common sleep disorders.

Get in Touch with Dr. Bray

Looking for specialist care in Seminole? Call now at 432-561-8183 and let Dr. Bray’s friendly staff members set up an appointment for you. Meanwhile, Dr. Bray suggests you complete these health surveys before paying a visit so they get a better synopsis of your health condition!