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Monahans, TX

“The center of the Permian Basin,” Monahans has been home to some extreme weather conditions in the past couple of years. Blazing hot in the summers and icy cool in the winters, the time around fall and spring is a precarious one, especially for children.

Seasonal allergies, cold, flu virus attacks, and other respiratory illnesses can catch anyone off guard. Not only does this affect your daily functioning but it also makes resting problematic—since you’re not able to catch any sleep with a pounding headache following you everywhere you go.

Why Choose Dr. John D. Bray MD?

Dr. Bray is an expert physician specializing in the treatment of all kinds of respiratory health problems and sleep disorders. He has been serving the West Texas and South Eastern New Mexico region for over 30 years now.

His practice is certified by the American Board of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology. He is also a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Sleep Disorders. Dr. Bray’s clinic offers technologically advanced and modern solutions to give you long-lasting relief from all your vexing health conditions.

What Services Does Dr. John D. Bray MD Offer?


Dr. Bray has fully functioning allergy offices that deal with all kinds of seasonal and perennial allergies. Whether you’ve got a runny nose, congested chest or a throbbing sinus headache, Dr. Bray and his team of professionals have a solution at hand.


Allergy bouts can often be accompanied by an asthma attack. Dr. Bray performs a comprehensive methodological examination to assess your physiology and provides a range of medication and exercise plans to help you tackle your asthma for life!

Recurrent Pneumonia

Pneumonia in children is often the result of a chronic asthma condition. However, in adults, recurrent pneumonia can be a sign of a serious underlying illness. With Dr. Bray’s help, you can receive a treatment plan that not only rids you of pneumonia but also brings you back up on your feet in no time!

Sleep disorders

Dr. Bray and his team take great pride in being able to bring to you their accredited “Sleep Center of the Southwest.” From insomnia to restless leg syndrome, you can count on Dr. Bray to get to the bottom of your mysterious condition.

Want to Get in Touch with Dr. Bray?

Book an appointment with Dr. Bray by calling 432-561-8183. Make sure you fill out these health surveys before you visit so Dr. Bray and his team know exactly how to care for you.