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Sleep Disorders

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Brownfield, TX

Like most residents in West, TX people who live in Brownfield know about dust, wind and the effect it can have on your allergies, sinuses and lungs.

Why Choose Dr. John D. Bray?

Dr. Bray is a diplomate of the American Board of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology, the American Board of Sleep Disorders Medicine, the American Board of Pediatrics and its Boards Pulmonary Medicine. He has trained at the University of Miami, Duke University and Johns Hopkins.

He brings 3 decades’ worth of experience to the West Texas and Southeastern Mexico region—a place where he has been practicing his skills since the beginning. He specializes in treating allergies, asthma attacks, and sleep disorders of various kinds. But that’s not all.

Dr. Bray comes from a modern, interdisciplinary background that enables him to take a holistic view of your health condition.

What Does Dr. John D. Bray Offer?

Allergy-Sinus-Skin and GI System

Season or perennial, Dr. Bray has catered to patients with all types of conditions. From a runny nose to an eczema flare to food allergies, Dr. Bray has an allergy office that is dedicated to providing patients long-term solutions to their problems.


Don’t underestimate the severity of your asthma condition! Seek Dr. Bray’s help a true asthma expert before you miss more school, work, or have a severe flare up.

Dr. Bray provides his patients with an in-depth physical exam, pulmonary function test, appropriate x-rays and labs. Once the results are out, Dr. Bray and his team work out a treatment plan that’s tailored to each patient’s needs and keep their asthma under good control.

Pulmonary Condition Treatment

Recurrent pneumonia may be indicative of a more serious condition such as an immune problem or a continual malformation or a chronic lung infection such as bronchitis. In other cases, it may just be a case of poor asthma control. Either way, Dr. Bray is well-equipped to give you a comprehensive diagnosis and solution to your problem.

Sleep Disorder Treatment

Dr. Bray and his team are the proud pioneers of an the first sleep center and accredited lab in the Permian basin: Sleep Center of the South West. Here, they work on finding cutting-edge solutions to all the simple and complex sleep disorders that might be keeping you from catching a good night’s sleep!

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