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Parasomnias are disruptive sleep-related disorders that can occur during arousal from REM sleep or more rarely from non-REM sleep. Parasomnias include nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking and confused arousals.



Sleepwalking is commonly seen in children but takes place in adults more frequently than most people realize. It can range from simply getting out of bed and walking around the bedroom to prolonged and complex action, such as going to another part of the house or even outdoors. A sleepwalker will sometimes speak, but is unlikely to be clearly understood. Sometimes, complicated behaviors take place during a sleepwalking episode (such as rearranging furniture), but these activities are usually not purposeful. While injuries during sleepwalking are uncommon, sleepwalkers may put themselves in harm's way—for example, walking outside in bedclothes during the winter.

Sleep Eating

A variation of sleepwalking is "sleep--related eating." This disorder manifests itself as recurrent episodes of eating during sleep, without conscious awareness. Sleep-related eating can occur often enough to result in significant weight gain. It can affect both men and women and people of all ages.

Sleep Terrors

Sleep terrors are the most extreme and dramatic of the arousal disorders, and the most distressing to witness. A sleep terror episode often begins with a "blood-curdling" scream of shouts, and can produce signs that suggest extreme fear, such as dilated pupils, rapid breathing, racing heart, sweating and extreme agitation. During a sleep terror episode, the victim may bolt out of bed and run around the room or even out of the house. In the course of this frenzied event, sleepers can hurt themselves or others. Many times, childhood sleep terrors can be solved by proper treatment of the thing that causes arousals, such as a stuffy nose from allergic rhinitis, or a chronic sinus infection.

If you would like to discuss parasomnia treatment with Dr.Bray feel free to CONTACT US. We have provided effective parasomnia treatment to residents all over the Permian Basin and Eastern New Mexico.