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Dr. John D. Bray, MD

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Sleep Disorders

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Sleep Center of the Southwest

West Texas & Eastern New Mexico's First Out of Hospital Accredited Sleep Center

The office of John D. Bray, MD in Midland, Texas, employs a friendly medical staff who will help de-mystify your complex conditions. Dr. Bray specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. We employ the best in technology to help us do our work.

Well-equipped Sleep Facility

Our office is proud to say that we are one of 30 AASM Accredited Sleep Centers in Texas. Dr. Bray started one of the earliest sleep labs in Texas to be accredited. Our sleep center is well-equipped with a high-tech digital polysomnography system. We are the only center in prem. We are also staffed and equipped to serve both adult and pediatric patients in Alpine, Odessa, Big Spring, and Midland.

Typical Sleeping Disorders

At our sleep center in Midland, near Odessa, Texas we most often see patients for the following:

We also consult and help provide treatment for chronic respiratory, cardiac, and neurological disorders that are impacted by sleep or which impact sleep.

Our sleep center is always happy to listen to your concerns. When you are suffereing from lack of good, healthy sleep, life can be miserable. Poor sleep can negatively affect your health, including your brain, heart, blood pressure, and diabetes. Accidents of all sorts are more frequent in sleepy people.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bray today by CONTACTING US. We serve all of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.